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Ic LM385BDR-2.5

Sharp released the manufacturing cost can be reduced by half of the wafer manufacturing methods (2BO.3.1: New Wafer Technology for Crystalline Sillicon Solar Cell). The company has established the use of conveyors and IC LM385BDR-2.5 and other automated production lines, is the "level of mass production technology" (published by). Manufacturing methods are as follows. First, make floor and contact with molten silicon, so silicon attached to the bottom surface. After stripping the attachment of the silicon, and laser cutting of silicon chip spin-off around the part of, to make the right size. The laser cutting of silicon can be melted down and reused. Released with a video presentation of the manufacturing process, but no way to open strip attached to the silicon. The method was developed for 10 years, the product dimensions of 156mm × 156mm, yields of up to 1825cm2 / min. Every 8 seconds to create a wafer. Wafer thickness of 300μm. Manufacturing cost is only the existing casting about 200μm thick wafer manufacturing to 50%. Conversion efficiency in 2006 had reached 14.8%. Now the value of the conversion efficiency is not open, but said wafer formed by the 42 modules has reached the maximum output power of 144W.

LM385BDR-2.5 Suppliers

Sept. 14, Intel will major product divisions into the newly formed Intel Architecture Group ( IAG) in, IAG by the Maloney and LM385BDR-2.5 Suppliers and Perlmutter (DadiPerlmutter) co-helm, which is responsible for business and operations Maloney, Perlmutter responsible for the technical work. This is his new job Maloney's first visit to China .

LM385BDR-2.5 Price

7 months, Huawei released the world The first commercial version of LTEeNodeB once again confirms its next-generation mobile communication technology in the world has been to seize a favorable position. Many previous experimental office equipment manufacturers to provide the difference is, Huawei LTEeNodeB product maturity and LM385BDR-2.5 Price and reliability of the hardware is obviously higher than a chip. The eNodeB commercial release also marks Huawei has become the worlds first commercially available LTE-capable devices business, the LTE business process re-acceleration.

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