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Orient Securities senior researcher Yuan Xiaomei energy industry through in-depth study that the energy consumption growth and IC LM397MF and GDP growth have no significant ties, but with the growth of industrial value added are highly correlated. Of course, the power as an important source of energy and the heavy industrialization of natural inseparable. Moreover, by studying the growth of electricity demand growth in industrial added value and relationship, Yuan Xiaomei also found that the added value of the electricity elasticity coefficient to maintain good stability, according to estimates of about 0.85. That is the industrial added value increased by 1 percentage point increase in electricity demand 0.85 percentage points. Proportion of heavy power consumption of the whole society to achieve more than 60%, precisely because of the recent high growth of heavy industry was using the power demand exceeds the market demand for electricity is expected. So, in her view it is this change brought to the power industry development opportunities. Special mention is, in the re-industrialization and emission reduction policy analysis, she will both be integrated into their research, that "the power industry will be more fully enjoy the historic opportunity to bring heavy industrialization" point of view .

LM397MF Suppliers

When people are surprised at the high-definition DVD, as is now the emerging high-definition television (HDTV) for people to enjoy a more incredible video, because HD can present the details of the HD programming, 5 times the standard picture with SD quality of the video, the highest standard to 1080p (resolution 1920 × 1080). The world in many countries including China, are actively promoting the popularity of HDTV, but HDTV HD programming will also be more abundant future. Once upon a time, DVD discs is a consumer one of the most familiar of the storage media, but the advent of the HDTV era, the existing SD DVD disc format only supports standard definition, and LM397MF Suppliers and is far in the storage capacity can not meet the demand for HD programming in HD. How to further improve the storage capacity of DVD discs, has become the industry giant urgent need to address the problem.

LM397MF Price

high income, and LM397MF Price and farmers also have more friends along with consumer demand. It happens, aimed at expanding the domestic market, stimulating rural consumption of home appliances to carry out activities, as most major carriers in rural consumption. "China Electronics News" reporter in Shandong, Sichuan, Hunan, Anhui, interview that friends of farmers on high-end home appliances to the countryside is full of expectations. Requirements to be a friend of farmers, in the April 1 date for home appliances to carry out the bidding exercise, limit TV to rural areas increased to 3,500 yuan, air conditioning, limit raised to 4,000 yuan, which will undoubtedly lead to consumption of household appliances in rural areas a new round of restructuring.

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