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LM4040DIM3X-4.1 datasheet pdf datenblatt

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Ic LM4040DIM3X-4.1

Lincroft processor 9.x mm long, 6.x mm wide, covering an area more than 60 mm2, where the processor core for ultra-low power consumption SilverthorneAtom (support Hyper-Threading), while the original is located in an integrated chipset in the bus interface and IC LM4040DIM3X-4.1 and consistency of the engine, the graphics core (support OpenGLES2.0 and OpenVG1.0), display unit (supports LVDS and MIPI-DSI), the memory controller (supporting 32-bit single-channel LPDDR1 / 2), video decoder , a special increase of video encoder, hardware video acceleration.

LM4040DIM3X-4.1 Suppliers

MAX16816 integrates a wide range of brightness adjustment to achieve fixed-frequency HB LED drivers all the necessary modules. Device can be configured to step-down (buck)-type, step-up (boost) type or a buck / boost (buck-boost) current regulator type. The device also includes an integrated differential current can drive n-channel amplifier and LM4040DIM3X-4.1 Suppliers and dimming MOSFET driver.

LM4040DIM3X-4.1 Price

Internet cafe experience in the area, visitors will be able to experience the use of Dolby technology to convert the two-channel audio 5.1 channel audio effects, the technology in the future may be used in large-scale Internet cafes and LM4040DIM3X-4.1 Price and other places.

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