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Ic LM4050AIM3-4.1

Important strategic materials are not controlled by others, has been Chinas industry or technology in the development of the key considerations, DIGITIMES Research senior analyst and IC LM4050AIM3-4.1 and vice principal Renhuang Ming chapter shows, the vast majority of the mainland due to the current 32-inch LCD TV ( LCD TV) panel dependent on imports, is only assembled in the mainland on LCM, LCD TV and a cost structure that is the largest TFT LCD panel, the mainland side has always maintained that it must develop its own flat panel display industry, in semiconductor applications will not lack of "core" (ie, chips), and in the lack of flat panel display applications, "screen" (ie panel).

LM4050AIM3-4.1 Suppliers

Daily News revealed that the company from January 1 to June 30 sales total 830 million shares of stock held by CITIC Securities, two needles so gain access to 3 billion yuan . Public information, two needles are a promoter shareholders of CITIC Securities, CITIC Securities shares held after the reform of 5050 million, the cost is only 80,811,900 yuan, the average cost of 1.6 yuan per share, as of CITIC Securities shares yesterday closed at 81.06 yuan.

LM4050AIM3-4.1 Price

data show that in 2006 the total production of integrated circuits Tu Po Qian Yi Yuan mark, but imports of integrated circuits has reached 1 billion U.S. dollars, import growth synchronous high-speed growth appears. As a result, August 17, 2007, Gou Zhongwen, Vice Minister of Ministry of Information Industry in the Fifth China International Summit Forum on Integrated Circuit said that although Chinas IC industry has entered the track of healthy development, but due to industry, small-scale industry as a whole level is not high, the lack of high-end IC design and LM4050AIM3-4.1 Price and many other issues, can not meet the development needs of the domestic information industry, resulting in high-end IC demand in China had to rely on imports.

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