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OLED industry has been highly concerned about the Chinese government, industry and IC LM431BCM and information technology in support of the Department, the mainland has made breakthrough progress in OLED development. October 2008, set up by Tsinghua University in Kunshan Visionox successfully completed Chinas first OLED mass production line section to achieve the small size OLED display screen production. Same year, China mainly Kunshan Visionox, Shanwei Truly, as other enterprises in Sichuan Hong small size OLED production. The continents first AMOLED industry plan was November 7, 2008 was officially launched in Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong. The initial investment of 500 million dollar plan to build a number of AMOLED display production line is planned to produce 5,000 million 2-inch full-color OLED display screen. The scheme II and III will gradually raise capital, build fifth-generation production line in the following sizes 26 inch full color AMOLED display screen. Eighth generation will be built next display screen TFT-AMOLED production line can produce large and medium-size AMOLED TV. The plans to bid in September 2009 for first production 15-inch OLED display screen of the production line.

LM431BCM Suppliers

China Telecom Expo this offer for online content delivery network (CDN) service that provides web acceleration, image acceleration, three-dimensional content acceleration, speed-demand streaming media services. CDN network from the users directly from the nearest Cache (cache system) to provide streaming media content, improve users download speeds, improve the user's Internet experience. It is understood that China Telecom CDN network in the country in part by a National Management Centre, 3 national content centers and LM431BCM Suppliers and 23 provincial backbone nodes; overseas, the global reach, more than 100 countries, more than 1,000 carrier networks. China Telecom as the World Expo Shanghai Online CDN provider, will be responsible for the CDN system security and maintenance, and after the Expo continues to provide services.

LM431BCM Price

Performance, the disc does not fall behind. Using the Micron / Intel's 34nmSLC Flash particle, sustained read speed of 255MB / s, write speed of 180MB / s, random read performance 18000IOPS @ 4K, random write performance 1200IOPS @ 4K, the average power consumption less than 1W. Some models also support 256bitAES overall encryption "SiPher" technology. Aluminum shell with

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