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Ic LM4808MX

in the output voltage in a steady state, LTC3225 to a very low 20uA quiescent current work, and IC LM4808MX and draw only from the VOUT 2uA current. After removal of input power, with the IC automatically enters a low current shutdown state, drawing less than 1uA from the super-capacitor current, the current will be further reduced. Basic charging circuit only three external components, taking up very little space, and the integrated circuit used for the 6mm2 footprint of tiny DFN package. LTC3225 is ideal for high peak power load-limiting applications such as LED flash PCMCIA Tx pulse, HDD pulse, GPRS / GSM transmission. In addition, it can be used as backup power. Moreover, the larger board-level systems (such as: server and RAID / mass storage systems) are often also need to compact high-power back-up power, and super-capacitors are suitable for such power. Other key features include automatic recharge, built-in current limiting and thermal limiting, and help reduce the size of external components high 1MHz operating frequency. in the authorities - the National Computer Quality Supervision and Inspection Centers website, there are also special to remind consumers to beware of "point defects," the article link.

LM4808MX Suppliers

It is understood, LinkSwitch-II Power Integrations adopted advanced primary-side regulation (PSR) technology, which utilizes a transformer winding to sense the output current, rather than relying on the high cost of loss of secondary side components to provide feedback and LM4808MX Suppliers and regulate the output. This top 30% of system cost reduction, make the design simpler, more reliable, lower cost, along with a high load and standby energy efficiency performance. Power Integrations ICs PSR technology ensures high-precision performance, even in the load pressure drop, the core component tolerances and temperature conditions during the manufacturing and circumstances change, can still make the output current is maintained at + / - 10 % range. LinkSwitch-II achieved by constant current driver will ensure that in each series LED string lights can provide similar light output. This parallel diode can solve the current problems are unique, and reduce the classification of LED lighting in the cost and complexity of optical mixing.

LM4808MX Price

Recently, Power Integrations Corporation (PI) announced the launch of a new series of reference designs to help the LED driver circuit designers to effectively use the companys recently introduced LinkSwitch-II Series AC-DC power conversion IC. The new reference design (DI-184, DI-185 and LM4808MX Price and DI-186) able to demonstrate that LinkSwitch-II IC design is ideal for high-brightness LED driver power supplies and ballasts. The devices are highly accurate constant-current performance and reduce external component count and use it to design the LED ballasts than existing converter technology, the design is simpler, lower cost and more durable.

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