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Ic LM4835MTE

IC Insights is one of the reasons that the industrys specialization. In the past, many large-scale suppliers such as Motorola, TI, NEC, in many product categories competing. But then most of the industry gradually business focus, capital investment and IC LM4835MTE and R & D on some of the products, and each major product areas must also face their own unique competitive environment. DRAM is a good example of the sub-cycle, in 2006, DRAM market grew 32%, the average selling price rose 13%; comparison, the total IC market grew 9%, the average selling price fell 8%. In addition, the DRAM capital spending for the year grew 44%, 18% of the overall industry, more than double. Also due to the high level of capital expenditure, DRAM, the average selling price fell 39% in 2007, while the overall semiconductor market is only down 6%. RH / VH, and RL / VL: potentiometer two endpoints, which allows for up to an external voltage of 5V, the minimum external voltage is-5V;

LM4835MTE Suppliers

X9C series digital potentiometer input and LM4835MTE Suppliers and output (see Figure 1) of the specific functions as follows : control the counting direction of the input signal, when the pin is high, for plus count, the pin count as low as minus; count pulse input, run time can be counted on falling edge of the pulse chip select signal input, the argument pin is low, the device count in pulse counter receives and counts the pin is high, the device does not work counter to maintain the current output, when the potentiometer is locked ;

LM4835MTE Price

From the circuit point of view, X9C Series Digital potentiometer consists of two parts, shown in Figure 1 is its internal structure. It can be seen from the figure: X9C family of digital potentiometers is part of the structure of digital control circuit, the other is resistance network. The basic design of the device through the switch contacts are connected resistor network to change the resistance.

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