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Ic LM4864MM

From 2008 onwards, all new plants are to stop the construction, history DRAM in 2009, only suspended, reduced production, and IC LM4864MM and no new 12-inch fab appearance, but with the Microsoft (Microsoft) introduced Windows 7, this looks a lot more than Vista Emmanuel, conditional to drive the global tide back burner replacement for several years, DRAM chips into a demand from the oversupply of personal computers (PC), memory module manufacturer, distributor and launched major combat looting goods, this is a matter of a year ago did not expect. global telecom spending will total nearly 2 trillion U.S. dollars, than the 5.1% growth in 2009. In 2010-2014, the telecom market share of mobile devices increased from 11% to 14%, but the service share fell from 88% to 77%, the share of the infrastructure will remain stable at 9 %.

LM4864MM Suppliers

Specifically, the Chinese automotive IC market growth rate will remain the fastest in the next 3 years, compound annual growth rate of 15% or more. Computer, Consumer, Network Communications and LM4864MM Suppliers and industrial class with the overall IC market fluctuations, the overall growth rate remained relatively stable, compound growth rate will be about 13%. Computer field is still the largest application of Chinas IC market, its share will remain at about 45% of Chinas IC market, followed by consumer and network communications, the two will account for more than 40% market share.

LM4864MM Price

Sub-field of view, the computer field will drive the future development of the market the most important areas, areas of automotive electronics and LM4864MM Price and IC cards are likely to remain relatively high although the growth rate, but the share is too small, the overall market can not have a greater impact in other areas of the market will improve as the global economy, a certain degree of recovery.

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