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Ic LM4882MM

National Day celebrations that day, I stood in the best shooting position, Tiananmen Square, the favorable factors can be said to all my accounts, and IC LM4882MM and the rest to the camera and I can only with the tacit understanding between the . Has a long-term use Canon cameras EOS1 experience in the operational aspects I did not have concerns, EOS camera, the Canon can be said to operate in the tradition of the traditional and convenient, even if the camera is a new hand can quickly adapt. I also use the day shooting a EOS1DMark Ⅲ, the focus on performance has reached EOS1D EOS7D series camera performance, even in the fast performance with the focus has been beyond the EOS1DMark Ⅲ, reducing the frequency of running focus phenomenon. The photographs in daily use is not too could feel EOS7D superiority, but the use of 600mmF4 telephoto lens, focusing 7D obviously felt good performance. Accurate metering is a basis of photography, is also key, even the best moments, the camera meter is not accurate failure, EOS7D IFCL metering with a new metering system, which is characterized by a double measure of 63 areas light sensor, in other words, evaluative metering upgrades, the principle is the focus through the 19 pairs of all information, so that the camera identify the main subject and background. Previously, the basis of exposure is 18% determined on the basis of gray reflector, but the subject of different colors, shooting results too bright or too dark, the result may not achieve the desired color, EOS7D support a variety of colors flexible exposure, this time in the parade so I do not shoot too much exposure to consider the issue of compensation, you can focus more on the composition and observe the movement of the moment. During the shoot I always place the camera on burst mode, in order to ensure that every picture will not be missed wonderful, and sometimes I have to turn the head, 600mm lens EOS7D to hobble around and by the reading unit can be taken in parallel.

LM4882MM Suppliers

Yesterday, the province of optoelectronic industry associations lead organization of the "Fujian Province, LED and LM4882MM Suppliers and solar photovoltaic industry alliance" formed the first batch of a total of 22 units launched. Alliance will focus on four tasks: first, strengths LED business organization in the province for Shanghai Expo 2010 LED lighting and night project; the second is to expand the province and projects LED docking business marketing channels; Third is support for Taiwanese enterprises

LM4882MM Price

and LM4882MM Price and the other raw materials for silicon carbide substrate to do more "harsh", the price is higher than that of sapphire and prone to cracking a little attention, failing luminous efficiency, reliability and poor, so even though to do it The LED chip performance is better than sapphire, but it is the latter occupy the mainstream.

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