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Nokia 8850 LCD screen with white cold light (LCD), but like a fabulous camel, a beautiful flash of light purple gloss, not pro-good and IC LM60CIM3X and very glamorous. Nokia 8850 is also equipped with headphones and can be used in different occasions, carrying case blocks. Headset with remote control, to communicate directly with mobile phones, easy to use. Nokia 8850 time collected from all over the system, so it will automatically display based on local region or country, do not you go around to simple calculations to find the latitude and longitude. Nokia 8850 has built-in infrared wireless data transfer Link, with Nokia's mobile phone, PC and printer is said that data. It supports the standard transport protocol, can be transmitted via infrared interface, or download the phone book and ring tones. Both TTML Internet browser.

LM60CIM3X Suppliers

[NEW YORK September 21 Beijing News] year, the Nokia 8850 with a unique shape and LM60CIM3X Suppliers and metallic slider design, so that many users have a dream to have. At present, the aircraft in the business of digital power for only 299 yuan, becoming the cheapest 8-series mobile phones, functionality is not strong, but the price is too affordable, and interested friends quickly purchased it.

LM60CIM3X Price

China Telecom's current actions to bring the people of the benefits are real: either 2G or 3G mobile phones across the country receive all free, that is, if you are surfing users of China Telecom , no matter where you go, as long as mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao), answer the phone do not ask for money the

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