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AtmelCorporation has announced its new AT98SC032CT-USB. This is an embedded system designed to protect fully integrated solution. AT98SC032CT-USB security solutions designed to integrate hardware-oriented products, such as USB tokens (USBtoken), Security Flash drives, media centers and IC LM78L05ACMX and other related products. AT98SC032CT-USB perfectly suited for a variety of computer security applications, USB security devices, these security applications including single sign-on, two-factor authentication, strong user authentication web portal (web-portalstrong-userauthentication), safe landing, and digital rights management. Because of its full-speed USB2.0 interface, follow the CCID, AT98SC032CT-USB is host platform as a smart card. The chip has 32KB of expanded memory storage, and a password-protected file system and to meet FIPS140-2 requirements. AT98SC032CT-USB embedded in some offer advanced features integrated firmware within, these advanced features, including strong authentication, one-time password generation, digital signature (3DESMAC, RSAPKCS # 1, EC-DSA), data encryption (3DES, RSAPKCS # 1) , Information Summary (SHA1 & 256), random number generation and public key generation (RSA, ECC). It also contains a chip used to manage content and configuration management application. This firmware makes AT98SC032CT-USB and PKCS # 11 or MS-CAPI standard matched with any of these standard application support and direct integration. Atmel Smart Card IC Marketing Manager, Jean-CharlesLesage said: "The high-tech products forged, multimedia content, piracy and identity theft to the industry and consumers in the growing costs. By providing low-cost, easy integration, high security and proven technology, AT98SC security module is suitable for the protection of your application to be free from this threat. "AT98SC032CT-USB samples are available now in 44-QFN ,44-LQFP package and SoIC-8 launch initially priced at $ 3.00 / 10k units.

LM78L05ACMX Suppliers

Recently, Luxtera company received from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) Electronic and LM78L05ACMX Suppliers and Photonic Integrated Circuits (EPIC) program to a new contract to continue development of optical transceivers. The two-stage total contract amount of 500 million U.S. dollars, in the last 18 months of 40Gb / s optical transceiver to expand the total cost of research projects to occupy 2 / 3. Darpas EPIC program is able to develop a dynamic control without external heat control two-way transceiver. Luxtera CEO AlexDickinson said the first phase of this project is the density of the four 10G WDM channels into a single CMOS chip. The goal of the second stage is a single block in the CMOS chip to achieve full integration of the laser, and to ensure that their design can be extended to 100Gbits / s of the polymerization rate, the goal of the third phase of EPIC program. Luxtera also and SunMicrosystems companies to develop plans for the High Productivity Computing Systems (High-ProductivityComputingSystemsprogram, HPCS) system layer 40G links, one of the sponsors of this program are the same under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencys Information Processing Technology Office . HPCS plans to develop the optical link in the General Assembly on display at last years Supercomputing2005. Tampa, Florida at the forthcoming conference at the Supercomputing2006, Luxtera and Sun will demonstrate a higher degree of laser sources and integrated line card module. Dickinson pointed out, EPIC plans to help speed up the super-computing applications, and one reason is that EPIC and HPCS are initiated by the Darpa.

LM78L05ACMX Price

Chinas rapid development of mobile services is driving the advances of technology, this technology will allow users to progress from the third-generation services, the use of more sophisticated applications and LM78L05ACMX Price and improved data transfer rates of benefit. Tektronix with leading mobile network operators and equipment manufacturers to cooperate in order to understand their network and application testing and management products and to reduce with the new standards and configuration for the operational and technical risks.

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