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The e-book minimum 4-inch screen size, the largest 9 inches, the actual price from 400 yuan to 1,500 yuan per month. E-book cottage has two categories is to use the E-ink e-ink screen, Sipix electronic paper display screen such as the use of professional e-book cottage e-books, e-book display of such black and IC LMC6442AIM and white color of the cottage, can not access, function, and Han Wang and other brands of the same book, the actual price of 1,000 yuan; another although the name is also called e-books, but the screen using a normal LCD screen, the display is color, in addition to an electronic reader, but also built-in audio Play, WiFi Internet access and other functions, the actual price is low, mostly at 800 yuan.

LMC6442AIM Suppliers

Atmel also provides a product with less functionality : No PSCs ATmega32C1, dedicated to CAN and LMC6442AIM Suppliers and LIN applications. ATmega32M1 and ATmega32C1 samples are available now. 32-pin package QFP / QFN. ATmega32C1, ATmega16M1 and ATmega32M1 will be 125 ℃ and 150 ℃ through testing and certification, expected in August 2008 production. 125 ℃ for certification testing by the three products, the unit price of 10,000 were $ 2.34, $ 2.34 and $ 2.52 since. ATmega64M1 with 64KB flash memory will be available in Q3 2008.

LMC6442AIM Price

In the storage device interface, the board provides up to 6 groups supporting 3Gb / s transfer rate of SATA2 and LMC6442AIM Price and 1 IDE interface, then, to meet the expansion needs of most users. In the extension part of the board provides an independent PCI-Ex16 graphics card slots, two PCI slots.

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