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National Semiconductors LM3554 chip with an adjustable switch current limit function, the system can be used with low saturation current of small inductors. In addition, this chip can drive a 5V power supply LED backlight, but also to provide power supply for audio amplifiers. The chip has a high-power flash mode and IC LMC662AIMX and low power modes of light. Using the flash mode, you can drive two high current LED; use of low-power mode, you can drive a high current LED, or by the built-in register and the TX pin strobe circuits responsible for controlling the mode switch. In addition, the system can also general-purpose input / output (GPIO) pins independent control of related hardware, so if communication problems arise when the I2C Interface, full control of the hardware reset pin chip operation. The chip also features internal soft start, you can activate or suppress high frequency switch, a large number of surge current. Internal soft-start function is also convenient for system use of small external components.

LMC662AIMX Suppliers

National Semiconductors LM3554 flash LED driver is a fixed frequency step-up DC / DC converter, which is characterized with two stable current source, you can use a lithium battery driving up to 1.2A load. LM3554 chip high-power flash mode can be used to support the camera. In addition, the drive has both low-power modes of light can be used to support the recording function. System designers can use the I2C compatible interface to set the configuration of the drive, adjust the flash timer is the amount of current and LMC662AIMX Suppliers and time. In addition, LM3554 chip also features built-out protection to prevent failure of the LED flash damage due to overheating.

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Traditional flash LED driver current recovery methods are used to drive high current LEDs current recovery. In other words, all the current is back to drive, make the drive a lot of heat generated, thereby affecting the reliability of the system. LM3554 high-current LED chip dual-driven architecture, can provide a stable two LED drive current, but the LED cathode is connected directly to ground. The ground connection can not only enhance the design of cooling capacity, but also simplify the difficulty of wiring, while protecting the circuit sensitivity. Because LED light output with LED current changes in relations with non-linear, so even if the same light output, dual LED-based power is still below the structure using an LED. In addition, the chip with control pin, the system can detect whether it is a considerable amount of other circuit current, and, if necessary flexibility to adjust the LED current, to avoid excessive battery consumption, resulting in system failure or damage .

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