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Ic LMS8117AMP-3.3

as a new framework, SoC chip has become Chinas IC design industry in general take the form of. " SoC products can not be fully using their own technology, Chinas domestic IC design companies, no matter which enterprise development SoC products, they can not avoid using someone elses IP. In fact, a SoC chip, if there is 1 / 10 is truly their own unique technology, has been very bad. "Ouyang said, has been a surge of" China chip "is leading many Local IC design technology, even if someone else uses, but also did not dare say anything.

LMS8117AMP-3.3 Suppliers

Qualcomm (Qualcomm) semiconductor revenue rose 15% last year to 65 billion U.S. dollars, ranking jumped from 11th to 8th. NEC, revenue grew 3.2% to 57.7 billion U.S. dollars, ranking the year 2008 10.

LMS8117AMP-3.3 Price

It is understood, TPC-E test is the TPC organization in March of last years new benchmark, will gradually replace the 14-year-old TPC-C. With the previous generation model of TPC-C test, compared, TPC-E is more emphasis on high simulation model, and LMS8117AMP-3.3 Price and its model simulation of the worlds largest miniature electronic stock market Nasdaq stock market --- the daily business processes, the model framework to complete from C / S structure to the B / S structure of the transition, is a typical OLTP performance benchmark Internet era. Meanwhile, the data type is more abundant class extends from 3 to 10 classes, the simulated trading conditions more complicated. TPC-E test, is the industrys only third-party database performance testing, once launched, that is, by IT industry, from chip makers, OS vendors sought to server vendors, the test results become the financial, telecommunications, securities and other high-end industry users, the implementation of the key important reference for system deployment.

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