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[Brand Model] Newman G32 [Reference price] 899 yuan [sales business] Hongxin through mobile phone network [business address] 11 Main Street, Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun e World Digital Plaza, Room 1156, 11th Floor, Block C [Merchant Tel] Beijing :010 -6,268,497,062,684,971 Shanghai :021 -63,179,281 Shenzhen :0755 -8,304,848,183,048,482 Shenyang Shenyang :024 -8,850,422,688,516,395 Xi'an :029 -87,209,005 Taiyuan :0351 -4155167 Chengdu :028 -86,789,313 Zhengzhou :0371 -69,328,082 Guangzhou :020 -83,762,780 # # # # # tight spare time, most in need of rest, I believe G32 mobile phone entertainment features powerful for you to drive away all the fatigue. In order to enhance the entertainment output, this product uses Ankai professional audio decoder chip. 3.4 inches set in front of the large body handwritten touch screen and IC LMV358IDR and dual speakers compatible composite audio output system, is bound to offer you a stunning visual feast! But this phone is also equipped with up to 200 million pixels of high definition camera, DV recording, whether DC or make you can achieve satisfactory results. It is also worth noting that Newman G32 mobile phone also has a "super simulator," the entertainment, Fun to use this feature allows you thousands of models electronic games, the real experience of entertainment in addition to no limit !BLSA-SRAM read and write power consumption compared with traditional SRAM follows: 1) For the write power

LMV358IDR Suppliers

HBLSA-SRAM bit line can not only reduce the voltage swing, but also can effectively reduce the bit line capacitance load. bit line depends largely on the bit line load capacitance connected to the number of MOS tube. shown in Figure 1, in each Group M in a storage unit, and LMV358IDR Suppliers and a total of N-Group, so a total of M × N a storage unit. For a conventional SRAM structure of such a capacity, then the bit line will take a total of M × N a MOS pipe. but HBLSA-SRAM, it will be connected to the thematic lines and local area MOS pipe lines together also, but N + M +5 months. which, for a total of thematic lines connected N-MOS pipe, while the Council total connection line parts of a MOS pipe M +5, M M a storage unit for the transmission tube, and 1-wire connection from the MOS and Theme tube, the other 4 from the local sensitive amplifier. So, not only significantly lower bit line swing, and the bit line capacitance of the load also fell.

LMV358IDR Price

-bit SRAM bit line multi-level structure and LMV358IDR Price and working principle hown in Figure 1, multi-level bit line SRAM (HBLSA-SRAM) The main principle is to use two-bit line and local sense amplifier to make the write cycle of thematic lines, BL and BLB the voltage swing is a very small value, and through the local sensitivity This voltage is amplified amplifier to 0 for the big swing VDD signal input to the Bureau of parts online. In this way, bit line voltage swing reduction, and O VDD to write a big swing to ensure a sufficient write margin.

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