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On Tuesday, Apple (AAPL) side announced that they will employ IBMs School Puma from Manchester (MarkPapermaster) as its senior vice president, responsible for device hardware engineering business. Although Big Blue will send Puma Manchester last week to court, but still not enough to change Apples plans. IBM hopes the court will prohibit sending Puma Manchester to Apple within a year of work on the grounds that the person they believe in their own hands the chip sector, some sensitive information, especially information related to PowerPC processors.

LMV358MX Suppliers

technology industry battle is brewing in a war one side is the apple, the other party is that they are the hares of the IBM, but the fuse of war, just one person , a PowerPC chip, Big Blue has managed the business before the executive, in this deep-seated reasons behind the war is the darling of Silicon Valley, Apple is now very likely that already have a new idea, intended to design some of their own chip.

LMV358MX Price

Therefore, theoretically speaking, Apple is entirely possible to send Pumas Manchester to lead his team to design and LMV358MX Price and develop their own based on the new ARM chips iPhone and make it more suitable for portable devices like the iPod needs. In fact, Apples iPhone which, based on the ARM chip design is already playing the role of the heart, but these chips from Samsung Electronics to buy apples come. For Apple, the best design is no doubt: The new chip does not consume too much power, but it can run a wide variety of applications - due to the foresight of Apple, is now almost an hour, This man has a popular smart phone products, develop new applications.

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