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According to the plan of Xiamen Island, the first channel power into the expansion project, the "new 220,000-volt overhead lines, submarine cables, land cables," the mixture of single-circuit transmission line , the total investment 500 million yuan. Planning is under construction starting in the 220,000-volt substation set of U.S. and IC LMV981IDCKR and UK in spring, and ends in the construction of 22 million volts around the island of Xiamen in the substation, the line length of 22.08 kilometers, off the island is divided into parts, submarine parts, and the island part of a total of three parts.

LMV981IDCKR Suppliers

at the show we see many new technologies and LMV981IDCKR Suppliers and products, this time a large number of memory manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, which Hynix is what we known, HYnix advanced memory technology and manufacturing processes. In this wide range of products on display at IDF, there is the upcoming DDR3 and GDDR4, making sustainable development platform performance.


2010 Q3 pace gradually approaching the peak season, then the chip factory orders from customers has been stuck in stage thunder, it is inevitable for the industry on tenterhooks over domestic and LMV981IDCKR Price and foreign chip suppliers that, as of At present, only a digital camera (DSC) and game show season has been imposing chip orders, quarterly growth rate of more than 20%, as mobile phones, notebook computers (NB), desktop computer (DT) and Netcom, and other large chip product line, but not to mention still vigorously, only to wait for customer follow-up to rush orders, short orders, for the season to create some of the momentum effect.

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