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Ic LP2951-02BM

to abandon the "production first" Suntech mode, step by step in-depth end of the market, unknown in the Optoelectronics patiently wait for opportunities to grow star of a new generation of PV Policy for the investment of more than 6,000 billion, had Bin said, because the next generation Internet, digital television network construction investment over the past few years are relatively small, therefore, the main investments will be on 3G.

LP2951-02BM Suppliers

to electronics industry, in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the flat panel display industry, components industry knowledge as part of discourse, and LP2951-02BM Suppliers and the revitalization plan, the plane display industry has become the core of the three major breakthroughs in one of the industry, and separately as one of the six projects, will also display new high-tech business enterprises into the area. On the color TV industry, and the Eleventh Five-Year Plan compared to the first draft of the revitalization plan is one of the biggest difference will be large-size flat panel display industry and TV industry restructuring that a very important position, both are the three main tasks Six key projects, or regarded as a key content of this paper.

LP2951-02BM Price

"The first draft, if passed, will the electronic information industry various industries have a profound impact. "China Merchants Securities, said telecommunications industry analyst has bin the short term, the secondary market of the listed company will have a trading opportunity. The GRG (002152.SZ), the flames of communication (600498.SH), ZTE (000063.SZ), BOE (000725.SZ), Hans Laser (002008.SZ), Hisense Electric (600060.SH), Shenzhen Konka (000016.SZ), Sichuan Changhong (600839.SH), TCL (000100.SZ) cause for concern.

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