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In China, the original main international high-end mobile phone giant, low-end mobile phones in recent years, sudden force, resulting in domestic mobile phone brand is almost the collapse of a large domestic mobile phone business almost across the board collapse, many have been converted by the foundry for a living. At the same time, more and IC LP2951CN and more domestic mobile phone brands began to look toward the international market. European Semiconductor Industry Association, cited the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organizations data.

LP2951CN Suppliers

the long term, TV energy saving technology innovation is the Chinese color TV industry the only way to global markets, in response to the global economy into the "low-carbon economy" era, the formation of overseas TV market "green barriers" and LP2951CN Suppliers and Chinas implementation of energy efficiency standards for color TV, color TV manufacturers in China must pay close attention to energy-saving technology innovation and television, thus promoting the TV industry to upgrade and enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets.

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as the largest producer of consumer electronics, we face a great Question: consumer electronics, especially the color TV industry, how to meet the "low-carbon economy" great opportunities, Chinas color TV industry go from here? Currently, countries in the world for TV energy efficiency has reached an unprecedented degree of attention, have introduced policies and LP2951CN Price and technical barriers, which no doubt Chinas color TV exports to the formation of a "green threshold." Color TV exports as important support Chinas color TV industry, "green barriers" will reduce the formation of its corresponding competitive threat of Chinas color TV exports.

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