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In recent years, value added telecom service revenue increasing proportion of total GDP. "Fifth" period, the telecommunications industry has grown to lead the foundation of national economic development, pilot and IC LP2953IM and strategic industry, the contribution of the national economy significantly improved. According to statistics, the "fifth" period, with the rapid development of the national economy, the telecommunications industry has maintained rapid growth momentum, 5 years, the average annual growth rate of telecom services revenue reached 12% growth in telecom business revenue of more than a year growth rate of the national economy, structural adjustment in the national economy played a positive role in the telecommunications industry to the national economy which is the direct contribution of income growth. In addition, contributions to economic growth, the telecommunications industry also directly or indirectly, to promote the social employment growth. China Mobile, for example, the current rapid development of CRBT has become the traditional record industry shot in the arm, a "Mice Love Rice" that is downloaded in 2 months more than 500 million times, the track information on fee income reached 1,000 yuan, equivalent to 60 million albums in sales. Large-size LCD panels have traditionally been the largest display driver IC market applications. This is because the large size, high resolution display panel, each driver IC needs more than the number of smaller and lower resolution LCD panel.

LP2953IM Suppliers

Electronic microelectronics industry in the demand for professionals with a certain particularity. First, it requires a lot of creative talents, with a highly energetic and LP2953IM Suppliers and aggressive young man, but it is responsible for product design and testing is not capable fledgling novice, and therefore the qualifications listed recruitment company in the first condition is when the age, requires more than 25 years old 35 years old, this age people usually have two to three years of work experience, but also no shortage of innovative, energetic, engaged in product development, production and test work is described as Shifengqishi class. Freedman also said that, Nvidia underestimated AMDs latest graphics chips, including the underestimation of the price and performance. Nvidia to lower prices in order to prevent the loss of market share, it looks at the role, Freedman wrote.

LP2953IM Price

According to Freedmans report, delivered by the Nvidia chip is not a company is bad. Freedman said some chips for notebook computers in the cycle time is running too high a result of package cracking. According to Freedman said, Nvidia delivery of the device is good, however, be used in the wrong laptop.

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