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Ic LP3936SLX

described in this article that SMPS (switch-mode power supply, switch mode power supply) in the case of no external heat sink, the ambient temperature of 65 ℃ provides a constant 20V 50W power, maximum load up to 70W. The performance of its strong support for the peak load required for high current motor start and IC LP3936SLX and support a continuous load, the whole application system is conducive to reducing the size, cost and weight.

LP3936SLX Suppliers

Comments: This television series is currently the most high-end Sony products, Sony has all the advanced technology now, and LP3936SLX Suppliers and put up 70-inch size is also very shocked , but the current price is relatively high, the same is not the face of ordinary consumers, as the company uses, or would be more practical.

LP3936SLX Price

DDI sales in the first two quarters of 2010, steady growth, but the third and LP3936SLX Price and fourth quarters, and the first quarter of 2011 would reverse the trend of growth in the first half of . Third-quarter sales from the second quarter dropped to 1.63 billion 1.59 billion in the fourth quarter and further down to 1.51 billion, the first quarter of 2011 dropped to 13.6 billion U.S. dollars. By then, DDI sales than the second quarter of this year, a total of 16.2% significantly reduced. Fears, inventory growth and decline in consumer confidence will lead the West DDI component orders slowed.

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