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Ic LPC2214FBD144

APPLICATIONS: suitable for LCD TV s audio output for the LCD Monitor CRT TV audio output for the audio output for multi-media audio and IC LPC2214FBD144 and video products for home theater audio and video products price up to $ 400 on each 500 dollars It is hard to accept the Chinese consumer Blu-ray players, though Pioneer, Sony and other companies have invested in the Chinese market a small amount of disk player products.

LPC2214FBD144 Suppliers

The BDA has yet to announce specific royalty amount in question, who asked not signed experts told the" China Electronics News " , told reporters that in the whole high price of Blu-ray products in China when the market has not started, BDA is not the specific amount of royalties publication time, BDA, after all, the most important task is to start the Chinese market, and LPC2214FBD144 Suppliers and not charge royalties.

LPC2214FBD144 Price

Although the BDA has been no clear in the end to the production, told reporters that a number of disc player to pay royalties, but the BDA claimed that they would charge as little as possible to the enterprise patent fees. "In view of the DVD era of relative chaos of the patent fee issue, there have 6C, 3C, 1C, and LPC2214FBD144 Price and many other patent fees the company, BDA will organize all of the patent holder to establish a unified patent pool licensing of all businesses will be faced with a patent collection companies. "Wangxi Wen told the" China Electronics News "reporter," DVD era patent issues most important reason why confusion is that many companies avoid patent fees, resulting in the production of unfair competition among enterprises, BDA in the development of patent fees and charges policy will fully consider this point. "

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