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In short, double-strength core technology is 17 cubic meters range hoods winds of technology. The technology developed by the owner of exclusive kitchen appliances launched in response to results from the market point of view, double-strength core series range hood has been a high degree of market acceptance. Previously, the air flow hood has been hovering around 13-14 cubic meters per minute, but because of the characteristics of China's large kitchen cooking, and IC LT1002MJ and home environment were improved so that people on the suction and air volume increasingly urgent demand, therefore, the mainstream smoke fumes Machine brands are seeking a breakthrough in the winds of technology. By 2008, the boss first introduced the "dual core strength" series range hood, exhaust volume in one fell swoop would be raised to 17 cubic meters / minute, we can say is a revolution in the history of range hood. From Yee's data show that large air volume 17 cubic meters of double-strength core range hood about 50 million units have been sold, this is the best market validation.

LT1002MJ Suppliers

IIC exhibition, storage, manufacturers will display their latest NAND and LT1002MJ Suppliers and NOR their two main non-volatile flash memory technology. Among them, the main focus Nand Flash technology into SLC, MCL, MirrorBit other three categories. Exhibitors will be on display for Toshibas large-capacity NAND flash memory mobile phone products mobileLBA-NAND, can be arbitrarily set in the same stored procedure chip dual-value area (SLC) and save the data using multi-valued region (MLC), in A memory chip can be set in any capacity for double the value of high-speed read write storage area and increase the amount of data storage for each device in the multi-value storage area.

LT1002MJ Price

1: wide range of applications: Where has the RS232/485/CAN interface device, run (MODBUS / General ASCII Protocol) devices can use this product to achieve the interconnection with the PROFIBUS fieldbus, such as the drive interface with MODBUS protocol, electrical, data acquisition module and LT1002MJ Price and so on. 2: Application is simple: users do not need to know the details of PROFIBUS, as to refer to the relevant user manual, complete the configuration according to requirements, without complex programming. 3: Clear communication: The user can follow the Profibus communication protocol of the communication area and the user data area, complete agreement between the transparent communication.

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