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Ic LT1004CS8-1.2

According to DisplaySearchs survey data, in the second quarter, the LCD market was 21.8 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 24% over the previous year, accounting for the amount of flat-panel market increased from increased by 84.3% a year earlier to 90.1%. In contrast, the market size of the plasma was only 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 36% narrowing, market share, compared to just 4.8%.

LT1004CS8-1.2 Suppliers

544 companies surveyed, respectively, 62% and LT1004CS8-1.2 Suppliers and 59% increase expected by the enterprise IT framework for building information transmission capacity and lower total cost of ownership. This shows that Chinas business users to improve the amount of information transmission concerns over the degree of care cost control. He added: "The untrained or lack of confidence, many people do not willing to perform CPR life-saving procedure. in case of emergency, Pocket CPR to ensure people have the confidence to perform CPR ."

LT1004CS8-1.2 Price

The current international financial crisis has seriously hurt the real economy the Chinese IC design industry is also very significant negative impact. Deng believes that Vimicro main challenges currently experiencing reduced consumer demand in the market, he said: "The face of reduced consumer demand, the status of the capital market shrinking, it requires new technologies and LT1004CS8-1.2 Price and new products to stimulate the vitality of the market. In the Star Microelectronics persist in innovation, and vigorously expand the emerging field, strive to achieve technological breakthroughs, and turning challenges into opportunities, first to capture the market high ground. "" Specifically, Vimicro response to the current international financial crisis has its own advantage. "Deng in "China Electronics News" interview, said, "Over the years, we have established a solid financial security system, in the winter period can still be guaranteed with sufficient cash. At the same time, focus on diverse Vimicro of the strategic layout, which can effectively resist the international financial crisis to the market demand and the electronics industry, the negative impact the semiconductor industry. "reporter has learned that Mr. Deng said," diversification strategy layout "mainly includes three aspects: One is the diversification of products, Vimicro PC now has multimedia, mobile multimedia, consumer electronics and security monitoring four product lines, strengthened the ability to withstand market risks; the other is a client-level diversification, Vimicro Es clients include Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG and other internationally renowned companies, including Haier, Huawei, ZTE and other domestic companies; The third is to diversify sales area, at present, Vimicros products have been covered in Europe, America , Japan, Korea and other 16 countries and regions.

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