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Ic LT1006CN8

Western electronic forum content is ready, the leading international and IC LT1006CN8 and domestic electronic technology and service companies will gather in Chengdu, around the western market demand, discussion supply services, business cooperation and technology solutions. Western Electronic Forum in China (Chengdu) Electronics Show an important component, will be 27-28 August 2009 at the Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

LT1006CN8 Suppliers

But in China there is a special IC layout design of circuit protection regulations, including Shanghais IC design industry exclusive rights in the design of the application layout 1 on the highest national ahead of Jiangsu and LT1006CN8 Suppliers and Beijing; It is worth noting that the United States, Japanese companies are also increasing emphasis on the IC design layout in China patent applications since 2005 to enhance the strength applications, such as ADI Analog IC design companies applied for more than 140 pieces. The highest number of applications in Shanghai shows that the local IC design layout for the protection of awareness is quite high.

LT1006CN8 Price

while in the field of IC packaging and LT1006CN8 Price and testing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, is the top three, Zhejiang and Beijing in fourth, fifth. The field of IC packaging and testing showed significant regional development imbalance, in addition to the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and Guangdong, the number of lagged behind other regions. This may be related to IC manufacturing, IC design and more concentrated in these areas, and it gets so IC packaging and testing are more concentrated.

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