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Ic LT1007CN8

Yukio Sakamoto said in the past few quarters, the global standard DRAM market is fierce, hand-held device memory market has many relatively stable, despite the price of handheld memory year or in range of about 30 ~ 40% down, but customers asked to cut prices of Elpida when it would prefer for Elpida do not want to lose the order price, Elpida has the ability, the main reason is that Elpida will leadership in the market is manufacturers, ranking the leading position.

LT1007CN8 Suppliers

Elpida (Elpida) Social Nagasaka 2, visit the Yukio said that under the 2010 will squeeze Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) become the leading global DRAM market, according to the current expansion of the Pan-Elpida Union production rate estimates, each of the next 3 years, Block 2, 12-inch plant will be the speed of increase in production capacity, to 2010, the League of Pan Elpida 600,000 capacity point of view, the current Elpida is the worlds leading mobile device with memory, hope for the future to further a standard DRAM market leader, through the power of the leading manufacturers, the effective stability of standard DRAM market.

LT1007CN8 Price

Comments: As the trend for the optimistic view of the economic situation, thus leading semiconductor companies increase the device from the second half of last year, capital spending, and LT1007CN8 Price and this investment results in this years market will be among the displays. When the economic crisis could lead to reduced capacity in short supply in the market, so the main problem facing this year is still in short supply. In addition, according to data predicts that the market share of Samsung in 2008 will reach about 30%, 24% of Hynix, Elpida Union about 20% Union 19% of Qimonda, Micron about 7%.

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