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Ic LT1014DN

We have been saying, product structure adjustment, LED energy-saving features, will inevitably become a very important industry. LED lighting, wide range of uses, a huge market, Chinas energy consumption will not only have a huge impact, but also will provide for our printed circuit industry, a huge market.

LT1014DN Suppliers

LED printed circuit board with some of us think not only is the use of metal matrix (Al) CCL PCB, but according to different uses, some using the general FR-4, FR-5, CEM-3, flexible polyimide board, and LT1014DN Suppliers and some heat conduction with a hole in the resin substrate, thermal conductivity of the resin substrate, and some metal Kiki material, metal core substrate, ceramic substrate.

LT1014DN Price

2007 Nian 12 months, relevant state ministries conducted a market research, survey results show that the domestic management of several large street light LED street lighting at the proposed number of on Question: First, the street is different for each manufacturer, there is no universal; Second, lights inside the warranty period maintenance responsibility borne by the enterprises, once Guo Liao Bao Xiu Qi , street maintenance management office must bear the responsibility, but the street light management Department does not have the appropriate professionals, how to repair? Is an overall replacement of street lights or other means? Either way, will result in high maintenance costs. Feedback on the final result is the unanimous desire street lights Management Office to have a standard, so that maintenance and LT1014DN Price and procurement will be more convenient. Japanese Electronic Circuit Industry (JPCA) has released this year, the Association developed "JPCA-TMC-LED01S high-brightness LED electronic circuit board standards" and "JPCA -TMC-LED02T high-brightness LED electronic circuit board testing method. "

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