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Ic LT1017IS8

PO/DSA/MSO70000C series sampling rate of the previous generation" B "series twice, with faster computing platform. This new platform can more quickly handle longer data records, such as jitter, noise, BER (Bit Error Rate) measurement and IC LT1017IS8 and analysis. At the same time, can significantly speed up the startup speed of the hardware power and software.

LT1017IS8 Suppliers

High sampling rate is almost the most important customer demand for high-performance oscilloscopes, which can reduce the noise floor and LT1017IS8 Suppliers and reduce the jitter, so as to provide better signal integrity test measurement equipment," Tektronix Brian Reich, general manager of high-performance oscilloscopes, "DPO/DSA/MSO70000C series of sample rates up to 100 GS / s, greatly enhancing the customers existing measurement margin and help to help them to improve design and reduce production costs. "

LT1017IS8 Price

PageNext>Bandwidth greater than 4 GHz oscilloscope with high performance for a variety of high-speed serial transmission, wideband radar, high-speed optical communication systems, high-end embedded systems and LT1017IS8 Price and high-energy physics applications. With the increasing data rate design, the measurement system margin as a critical factor. DPO/DSA/MSO70000C series has an unparalleled 5 times over-sampling, the performance and signal fidelity to ensure the development to meet the technical specifications of the designer of cutting-edge components and systems.

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