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Ic LT1057CN8

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced 600mA, PWM step-down converters MAX8805Y/MAX8805Z, device 2mm x 2mm chip-scale package (WLP), can be used for WCDMA / NCDMA power amplifier (PA). The devices integrate a high efficiency buck converter to optimize the cell efficiency for medium-power and IC LT1057CN8 and low-power transmission, but also has 60m bypass FET, provides 1.5A of peak current. MAX8805Y/MAX8805Z possess high efficiency and micro-encapsulation of the features that make it ideal for multi-band WCDMA / NCDMA applications such as cellular phones, wireless PDA and smart phones.

LT1057CN8 Suppliers

AvagoTechnologies announced the expansion of the industrys smallest reflective incremental small optical encoder series, the introduction of new high-resolution encoders, the appearance size is 3mm wide and LT1057CN8 Suppliers and long x3.28mm x1.26mm high, Avagos AEDR-8400- 14x reflective surface mount optical encoders fairly stable, and able to work under a wide temperature range, making them a variety of office and ideal for industrial automation applications, Avago is for communications, industrial and consumer applications to provide simulation interface components of the leading manufacturers. Avagos AEDR-8400-14x series of high-resolution optical encoders provide up to 318LPI (LinePerInches) resolution, with two-channel quadrature digital output for directional sensing, and is compatible ─ transistor transistor logic (TTL, Transistor-transistorLogic) level. These high-resolution optical encoders in a non-pin package with integrated LED light source and photo detector chip, and uses reflective technology to sense rotary or linear position, in addition, AEDR-8400-14x encoder signals can be directly and most processing circuit connection, in addition to the high flexibility to bring design-givers, but also very easy to integrate into existing systems, AEDR-8400 series encoders for the small motor applications, closed-end encoders, digital cameras, scanners, printers and other space-constrained office and industrial automation applications a superior choice.

LT1057CN8 Price

to reach 50 million users of digital, radio took 38 years TV took 13 years, cable television in 10 years, the Internet took 5 years. so the pace of development, so we have to keep up with every step, or they will be quickly eliminated, the launch of Hi-smart Smart 3DLED TV is the trend in order not to be out of ."

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