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Ic LT1058CN

Forty years insisted polysilicon production in Sichuan Emei Semiconductor Materials Factory, the market is so tight in case of need, and IC LT1058CN and its production in 2007 and no more than 300 tons . Su Huan said, 3D era, to the plasma industry has injected new vitality, but also provides new opportunities for development, to judge from the current market trend, with 3D, Plasma industry will usher in growth.

LT1058CN Suppliers

normal wear and LT1058CN Suppliers and tear and light effects in the same premise, you can choose an ordinary straight tube fluorescent lamp energy saving (15W) and equal to its LED lights glow effect (9W) comparison. At present, an ordinary energy-saving lamps cost about 50 yuan, LED lamp sells for 200 yuan. To 50,000 hours of work time and the residents of Harbin, electricity (0.51 yuan / kWh), is common tariff for the energy-saving lamps 382.5 yuan, that is, (15 W × 50000 Xiao Shi ) / 1000 × 0.51 Yuan = 382.5; LED lights use electricity cost is 229.5 yuan, that is, (9 W × 50000 Xiao Shi ) / 1000 × 0.51 yuan = 229.5. However, in the 50,000 hours of testing, the general energy-saving lamps need to be replaced 10 tubes. Assuming a common energy-saving lamps 50 include costs 25 yuan and 25 yuan of lighting the lamp costs, then lit a cost of 50,000 hours 275 yuan (25 million × 10 Guan +25 million = 275); and lit 50,000 hours The LED lights only need a cost of about 200. 50,000 hours lit at the same time, the general energy-saving lamps to 657.5 yuan total cost, LED lights, compared with 429.5 yuan. Seen in this light, an LED light than ordinary energy-saving lamps save 228. The lamps in each room together, costs will double the savings.

LT1058CN Price

According to foreign media reports, the 2003 World vehicle production growth of less than 3%, of which 80% of the increment from China, Chinas automotive electronics industry led to the rapid development of the global automotive electronics industry to its attention. Throughout Chinas automotive electronics technology and LT1058CN Price and the market situation, difficulties and trends, automotive power management equipment and technology, many of the factors that make automotive electronics design engineering, technology, marketing and sales management staff to produce, while the semiconductor and automotive Chinas auto electronics suppliers are able to seize the opportunity to achieve development. Microsoft also said KD Hallman, general manager, "We will increase research and development of products based on ARM architecture initiative ."

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