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Ic LT1076CQ

reporter learned that, in 2007, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone and IC LT1076CQ and the LCD glass substrate makers began to Corning, SMT production line provider sets the table Branch, Air, Tokyo Electron, etc. were contacted, the present station table Bureau said it will invest $ 4,000,000 in the surrounding building 8-10 BOE SMT line support, Corning has committed to put in place in the BOE twenty-three project was to establish glass factory in Chengdu.

LT1076CQ Suppliers

Although the IC market since 2009, the downward trend remains clear, but from the perspective of the development market in 2009, 2009, the monthly increase in the market reached bottom in February, From March to August, the monthly rate of decline in the market narrowed down 30.1% from February to August narrowed down 16.1%, although the market is still in the negative growth trend, but you can see, the market has begun to recover. Development of the Chinese market, similar to the global market fundamentals, although there are some fluctuations, but the markets decline was also shown a narrowing trend. Market from the decline in January narrowed to -25.4% -1.8% in July. From the speed of development point of view, although the decline in the morass of the same, but the decline of the Chinese market is much smaller than the global market, especially since March, the Chinese market has been basically able to maintain the decline in the magnitude of a few, and LT1076CQ Suppliers and this is the main benefit from the downstream machine and the gradual recovery of exports of Chinas "home appliances" Plan, export and domestic demand-led recovery, good for both the development of Chinas IC market is still significantly better than the global market. Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Administration official said, "This is mainly funding and supporting the company introduced the delay."

LT1076CQ Price

It is reported that 4.5-generation line for the BOE supporting utilities, staff quarters and LT1076CQ Price and construction of transportation facilities began last year, BOEs main plant construction to be completed later this year , and other equipment procurement and installation in place, in mid-2009 to be in mass production, the process later than previously forecast.

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