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Ic LT1080CN

Electronic Materials There are two directions of nano-technology, one refers to the traditional silicon-based semiconductor materials continue in the direction of nanoscale semiconductor technology development, such as, Intel spent $ 3,000,000,000 for 45-nanometer process has commenced construction of advanced semiconductor plant, will be 2007 Nianxia six months to start production. Second, the traditional electronic functional materials, such as electronic ceramics, magnetic materials and IC LT1080CN and nano-battery materials processing or by surface modification of nano, making it better performance, or create new features. For example, the use of nano-modification technology lithium-ion battery electrode materials can greatly improve the battery capacity and cycle life of the product.

LT1080CN Suppliers

Organic Electronic Materials (plastic electronics) in recent years electronic information materials, one of the most important direction of development. In 1977, MacDiarmid and LT1080CN Suppliers and the other two researchers found that the anti-polyacetylene simply after exposure to halogen vapor, the conductivity can be obtained alarming increase of plastic electronics and thus opened the big screen. Compared to the traditional silicon-based semiconductor materials, plastic materials can achieve greater area of electronic manufacturing, with thinner, lighter and flexible features, and can achieve a relatively more simple manufacturing process and lower production costs. Organic semiconductors for lighting, flat panel displays, solar cells, transistors, sensors, printing, capacitors, PCB manufacturing, lithography, artificial muscles and micro-motors and other electronic products have a very broad application prospects. Plastic electronic materials is also becoming a priority to support the worlds research and development, and received a considerable amount of research and development results. Plastic electronic materials in the development of many of them have mass production of OLED flat panel display is a typical plastic electronic materials applications. This display technology uses light-emitting organic thin film semiconductor material, which is characterized by a magic show can curl. Although organic TFT and plastic chips are not yet implemented the commercialization, but IBM, Philips, Infineon and other large companies have developed a prototype of view, plastic semiconductor chip sooner or later will be replaced by a new generation of silicon-based semiconductor materials . The future will be large numbers of plastic chips for mobile phones, computers and television sets and other electronic products which.

LT1080CN Price

more authoritative institutions predict that by 2010 China Internet of Things market will reach 1,800 billion yuan, up 700 billion after 5 years, the market prospects for a huge investment. fair to say that the IDM foundries have noted the advantages, particularly in the challenge by smaller feature sizes especially in the case. Their intention is like to work in the same factory as obvious.

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