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Ic LT1120CS8

To compare the performance of LED headlamps and IC LT1120CS8 and HID, recruited two more hearts softened factory equipped with HID headlights and LED models in the evening 17:30 test. 20m away from the concrete wall outside the test results show, LED headlight brighter than the HID, but a little more back than HID headlights LED on the.

LT1120CS8 Suppliers

in the standard LED headlamp Lexus RX450h Forum , is hot RX450h of LED headlamps. "Even if the car hit the front bumper tone, the tangent is also very light blue under the light type, with the corner of my headlights is better than it recognizable." Netizens such a description of Lu Yu RX450h LED headlamp practical results. The owners rejected another RX450h Road, "as long as the open RX450h owners must be very clear, LED headlights bright, very focused, though not very bright side looks like. LED than HID light source even focus, in particular the traffic light to stop According to the car in front bumper along the very bright, very bright open mountain is safe. "The owner of the original double-B fans (BMW, Benz), since a big difference on the Lexus.

LT1120CS8 Price

Automobile industry Sheng blowing wind energy saving, LED appearance was in line with the green and LT1120CS8 Price and efficient environmental requirements. "LED is green light, good color spectrum, there is no excess IR, UV and other spectra, does not contain harmful substances mercury, radiation is also very little." Shenzhen Secom Telecom Co., Ltd., said Liu Wei, Senior Application Engineer, LED light source with more high-lumen, and the LED is solid state lighting, HID lamps with different quartz glass is not fragile moving parts, with excellent shock resistance, failure is very low, almost maintenance-free.

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