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At present, Shenzhen is a positive development and IC LT1140ACSW and application of solar energy and photovoltaic. According to an estimation, if the roof of the citys buildings are equipped with solar photovoltaic power generation system, will reduce the power supply into an annual 26.0 billion, to save electricity about 20 million. Also you can reduce the loss of at least 5.0 billion power plant, while reducing the large number of energy costs.

LT1140ACSW Suppliers

3-day annual meeting of the Third Shenzhen Solar Energy Conference and LT1140ACSW Suppliers and Exhibition at the Convention Center closed. Reporter learned from the meeting, Shenzhen has become the worlds major industries of solar photovoltaic products gathering. According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen, annual sales value of products related to solar energy reached 3.0 billion, employing 5 million people. At present, Shenzhen has become the major industries of solar photovoltaic products gathering, 72% of the world focused on the photoelectric small products in Shenzhen and surrounding areas.

LT1140ACSW Price

08 years ago, three quarters of price increases of raw materials and LT1140ACSW Price and export products by the falling prices of the RMB, the range of listed companys consolidated gross profit margin during the reporting period fell by 1.4 percentage point decrease over the first half narrowed. Product structure of the industry to high-end low-end development of the Chinese and is currently the focus of each listed company, ultrasonic electronics, Tianjin, Princeton and other companies are vigorously developing the HDI (high density interconnect printed version) of the production technology, traditional sheet also to the multi-storey development. Passive components manufacturers of products are more miniaturization, chip development. With the future stability of raw material prices, the profitability of these companies with the upgrading of industrial structure will be gradually increased.

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