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Ic LT1191CS8

TOP100 list is not only a simple display of the computing speed, it is the high performance computer manufacturers, as well as Chinas overall level of the embodiment of high performance computing applications. All the products list is the result of rigorous scientific proof repeated the experiment, obtained by tuning, not overnight. Ranking the face of the current situation, China should be rational and IC LT1191CS8 and peaceful server vendors view rankings from analysis relative to other vendors out of their own strengths and gaps, down from its level of technology products and services to enhance the quality start, paid off.

LT1191CS8 Suppliers

Also, this list also reflects the existence of domestic server makers a lot of problems. List server vendors short-listed domestic companies in larger quantities, but the product only 40% of list, in addition to short-listed firms other than the dawn of no more than 4 sets of products. Also, almost all short-listed products X86 server cluster, compared to the RISC and LT1191CS8 Suppliers and Itanium server products minicomputer weaker, the domestic high-performance computer manufacturers in product diversification and the overall strength of the technology to be further strengthened.

LT1191CS8 Price

Currently, TOP100 systems theory the top three have reached ten trillion secondary peak, the manufacturers of high operation speed of the persistent pursuit of the overall product to stimulate the computer In the systematic and LT1191CS8 Price and scientific developments. The dawn of the computer makers, led by China, has formed a high-performance design, development, manufacture and integration services in one of the high-performance computing industry value chain, business model and management model is also more standardized. Most noteworthy is the dawn of the companys Shanghai Supercomputer Center list the top three systems for three consecutive years, up to 11 trillion times its theoretical peak, domestic manufacturers over the past four years, the highest-performance system. And the dawn of the next year one hundred trillion times the speed of operation of the dawn of 5000, will most likely return to the top of the list, triggering a new field of high performance computer made changes.

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