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Ic LT1211CS8

In addition, day 3, the chip can also be associated with "the role of multi-mode device" capability, in a device, a chip with only two devices may also be a role work, such a device is the role of AP (access point), the role of a device is the network card. This feature is also designed much of China a variety of innovative applications. For example we organized an impromptu meeting, which was associated with a built-in 3 days, the notebook. When the meeting room was not the network, but they need to do some of the information we share, this time on the notebook can be linked in the 3-day switch to AP mode, the temporary establishment of a small wireless network, you access and IC LT1211CS8 and implement data sharing.

LT1211CS8 Suppliers

If you use the 3-day Alliance "Network and LT1211CS8 Suppliers and security multi-mode multi-mode" hybrid configuration to be a good solution to these problems. We can configure an AP for more than one network (multi-SSID), such as a working network is WAPI security, one is WEP security. This from the terminal point of view, there is space in the two networks, the terminal can choose to join according to their own situation. Since the days of joint 3 is the feature on the hardware, so in terms of access volume, throughput on the point of view, have no effect.

LT1211CS8 Price

Lan Tian Road, for example, when the WAPI implementation, the hot spots of the AP requirements WAPI enabled network, but many do not support the stock of end products WAPIs. Two possible solutions present, there are two: First, the simultaneous deployment of two hot spots AP, a safety with the WAPI standard, a set of safety standards with the WIFI. This approach will result in higher costs and LT1211CS8 Price and waste of resources. WAPI II software installed in the terminal, through the software. This approach will result in more than 30% throughput drop, some older software, the terminal may not be able to use WAPI, the other is also very cumbersome for users.

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