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Ic LT1319CS

two new offer 400,500 and IC LT1319CS and 600MHz DSP and other components. C6421 DSP total of 96KB cache, a 16KB L1 data cache, respectively, 16KB L1 cache and 64KB L2 SRAM procedure cache. C6421 DSP also includes two EMIF interfaces group; a group of 16-bit 266MHz DDR2 and an 8-bit EMIFA interface; and 1 VLYNQ and McBSP and McASP interface. C6424 DSP provides the 240KB cache, including the 80KB L1 data cache, 32KB L1 cache and 128KB L2 SRAM procedure cache. C6424 DSP includes a group of 32-bit 333MHz DDR2 and a 16-bit EMIFA interface; a group of PCI 33MHz or VLYNQ interface for an optional FPGA interface; and Group 1 Group 2 McBSP or McASP interface. C6424 and C6421 DSP also provides a set of EMAC (RMII / MII) or HPI / RMII; 2 groups UART; I2C; GPIO; 3 × PWM and two 64-bit timers. The two chips are pin compatible with each other, it can easily be swapped to improve performance or reduce costs. Both new DSP is available in two different sizes of packages, respectively, 0.8 mm pin pitch 16 x 16 Hao Mi (C64x DSP has always been the smallest package) and 1.0 mm pin pitch 23 x 23 Hao Mi BGA package.

LT1319CS Suppliers

sensor industry in China market is still in early stages of development, not only to establish the business advantages of its own brand, providing customers with high quality technology, at the same time to determine the correct channel strategy is also very important. Attention to product quality and LT1319CS Suppliers and performance levels are right, but the reasonable development of marketing channels to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is a key factor. Sensor industry marketing channel strategy should be emphasized that high level of service to professional and corporate users to establish long-term, close relationship, focusing on the development of large users, while the flat structure of sales channels to develop, establish marketing network, shortening the distance selling and agents or distributors to improve service and technical support capabilities, to reverse the lower middle part of technical support for capacity expansion of market conditions. Sensor market space will be expanded, supply and demand will show a wide range of fair competition, "online ordering" a new type of transaction will be another sales channel.

LT1319CS Price

In the economic slowdown and LT1319CS Price and fears that might run into a double-dip recession, stock up the whole supply chain disturbing display, panel suppliers, contract manufacturers, brand manufacturers and retailers worried. LCD panel buyers a substantial reduction of orders in July, adding to the oversupply situation. Indeed, the large-size LCD panel market in the second quarter of 2010 most of the time already in a state of oversupply, but the July orders fell further exacerbating the oversupply problem, inventory rose to a higher level.

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