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Ic LT1440I

the LMH0056 chip can withstand 0.6 units interval (UI) of jitter above, so even if the eye is closed more than 60%, or accumulated jitter is folded so that the eye together, in which the chip can still recover the signal, so the system can generate a little noise and IC LT1440I and jitter data and clock output signals. If the chip transmission speed of 270Mbps in the standard-definition signal, the output jitter is only 0.02UI; if 1.485Gbps speed, high-resolution transmission signal, the output jitter is only 0.05UI, which is the industrys lowest jitter recognized. The chip can provide the re-clocking the two differential outputs and an optional low-jitter data at any clock speed, so system design engineers have more space to play. In addition, the chip also provides a reference frequency of 27MHz clock, so system designers can select the widespread use of the 27MHz system clock or low-cost 27MHz external crystal oscillator.

LT1440I Suppliers

"MMS mobile phone users through the 'family portrait Nianye photos',' Spring Festival Gala TV screen capture 'and other topics to send any MMS to '2003', full participation in the party scene 4 'emotional appeal' Interaction. "China Mobile said a technician, in addition to MMS users can to fifteen during the New Year's Day, show or actor through the film camera, sent to" 2003 ", participate in the annual CCTV Spring Festival Party I favorite program selection. It is understood that while the rest of China Mobile phone customers can send text messages through the "CCTV" to "2003", in all relevant activities. At the same time, China Unicom also reported to the market sub-Spring Festival Party a share of SMS messages.

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smart mixed-signal connectivity solutions (Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity), a leading developer SMSC today announced its high-speed USB 2.0 connection to obtain the latest achievements in the field - USB333x/334x ULPI transceivers. This new generation of industry-leading high-speed USB transceiver features through SMSCs RapidCharge Anywhere supports the latest USB-IF Battery Charging Specification 1.1, can significantly reduce the time required to charge the battery.

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