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Ic LT1627CS8

Liusi Cheng said that PVI will EInk to operate as an independent company. But the two companies will cooperate closely, especially in the manufacturing of color and IC LT1627CS8 and video display and other new projects.

LT1627CS8 Suppliers

Chinese home appliance industry standard current low level of technology or production conditions slow the industry is actually waste a lot of resources, such as Haier products worldwide face tremendous pressure of international competition, which in a number of products areas with the highest technical standards around the world, even many in the Chinese market is no standard flat panel TV products, but also developed its own stringent technical standards, but many Chinese companies did not do so, still in the no standard Hu You Hu You to go to a gray area, if allowed to go to two different companies on the same stage the quality of competition is not fair, these companies play is Luanzhongqusheng, fishing a go, so will affect the low-quality companies like This follows the high standards of Haiers development company, will affect the overall development of the whole industry.

LT1627CS8 Price

3G, WLAN / WIFI and LT1627CS8 Price and satellite set-top boxes are all the wireless market in 2010, hot, and these end products have a proportion of total costs is not a small device - PA (power amplifier). PA have adopted the industry mainstream GaAs technology, but the GaAs foundry process a small number of OEM prices are also very expensive, very often in short supply situation will appear. The silicon germanium (SiGe) process than the cost of GaAs is much lower, if a single tube of silicon instead of germanium which will bring about a revolution in the wireless industry. Hua Hong NEC is used for such research, is expected to make a breakthrough this year.

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