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Ic LT1675CMS8-1

STMicroelectronics (ST) has introduced a Class D amplifier chip TS4962, for a new generation of mobile phones and IC LT1675CMS8-1 and other pursuit of higher output power to extend battery life while saving energy product designed. Allegedly, under 5V supply voltage, TS4962 to a 4 ohm load to 3W of output power, amplification efficiency as high as 88%, much higher than the current widespread use of the AB class of mobile phone power amplifier. Work in a wide 2.4V to 5.5V supply voltage range, TS4962 no input signal typical quiescent current 2.3mA, use of effective state control circuit of low power shutdown standby power consumption of only 10nA, noise reduction circuit can not only reduce the switching noise , also allows the amplifier started within 5ms. Gain is set by two external resistors. Fully differential design reduces RF rectification effects, but also saves a bypass capacitor. When the supply voltage is 5V, the THD + N (total harmonic distortion + noise) up to 10% of the conditions, the output power into 4Ω 3W, 8Ω load on the output power of 1.75W. When the supply voltage 5V, THD + N in the top 1% of the conditions, the output power into 4Ω 2.3W, 8Ω load on the output power of 0.75W, a typical signal to noise ratio 85dB. STMicroelectronics introduced the compact size of the amplifier especially suitable for mobile phones and hands-free telephone handset, its higher energy efficiency will help extend the talk time, while to the PDA and notebook computers to bring many new features. The chip uses a 1.6mm2 9-bump flip-chip lead-free package, and is equipped with an application development board, in order to facilitate the evaluation process to take place, the amplifier chip pre-installed on the board DIP adapter connected flip-chip. New product now in volume production, priced $ 0.55 Order 5,000 pieces.

LT1675CMS8-1 Suppliers

Zhuzong: the development of our business can be summarized in about three 3 years. The first 3 years, the communications, IT, digital electronics and LT1675CMS8-1 Suppliers and other consumer electronics manufacturing, processing services, which was mainly customers in Hong Kong; the second 3 years, is the machine, computer, automotive electronics, but also OEM / ODM model and surface to high-end customers in Europe and America; the third 3 years, began to transition ODM / OBM model, to expand its own brand product development and business marketing.

LT1675CMS8-1 Price

KF600 uses a dual-screen design, a 2.0-inch main screen and LT1675CMS8-1 Price and 1.5-inch screen KF600 spirit of fun, both the color of the screen has reached 26 million colors, while the fuselage is also built a 300 million pixel camera head and can shoot up to 2048 × 1536 resolution pictures, and can support multiple modes of shooting. In addition, the aircraft's fuselage memory is 19MB, and can support TF card expansion, Bluetooth and USB data transmission lines, is very convenient to use.

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