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Ic LT1764EQ-1.8

Market resumed double-digit growth in the Chinese market, in addition to smart meters, inverter air conditioner, and IC LT1764EQ-1.8 and the further development of automotive electronics industry, but also for the MCU industry has brought great business opportunities. From June 1 this year, China sold on the market of fixed-frequency air-conditioning mandatory implementation of the new energy efficiency standards. Air-conditioning business on the one hand to improve the existing fixed-frequency air-conditioning energy efficiency levels, inverter air conditioner on the other hand more towards the design and production, which will promote the permanent magnet synchronous and brushless DC motor applications. These applications will drive high-performance motor performance MCU products. Meanwhile, Chinas auto electronics industry in recent years, output growth and the upgrading of product structure has demonstrated strong momentum, driven by Chinas auto MCU in recent years, rapid growth in demand.

LT1764EQ-1.8 Suppliers

MicrochipTechnologyInc. (Microchip Technology, Inc.) has announced the MCP3909 energy-measurement IC and LT1764EQ-1.8 Suppliers and reference design. The high-precision integrated circuit with a low power consumption and active power pulse output SPI combined for a variety of meter designs. The MCP3909 IC with Phase Energy Meter Reference Design, the design can help designers to accelerate the development and market meter speed. MCP3909 IC features two on-chip 16-bit Δ-Σ Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), can be accessed through the SPI interface, while providing frequency and active power pulse output proportional calculation. This simultaneous output of data makes the IC flexible and easy to use even more, to meet the needs of different meter. In addition, MCP3909 IC 1000:1 dynamic range at the typical measurement error is only 0.1%, making it ideal for applications requiring high-precision metering applications. The device has a low supply current of 4 mA to meet most of the single-phase and three phase meter design requirements, helping customers to maintain power in the original budget. Microchips Analog and Interface Products Division, vice president of marketing BryanLiddiard said: "MCP3909 has a high integration and high-precision, is a user-friendly energy measurement IC is ideal for a variety of single-phase and three-phase metering applications. Using three MCP3909 Phase Energy Meter Reference Design, users can quickly get started with PIC microcontrollers meter design. "MCP3909-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design (Part Number MCP3909RD-3PH1) includes three MCP3909 ICs, and a PIC18F2520 and a PIC18F4550 microcontroller. Responsible for the reference design PIC18F2520 performs all power calculations, PIC18F4550, compared to desktop software provides a USB interface. This software package with the reference design enables meter calibration, active power and apparent power of reading, as well as RMS current and voltage. MCP3909 energy-measurement IC is ideal for a variety of single-phase and three-phase industrial and consumer power table. The IC 24-pin SSOP package and can be ordered through the Microchip web site, order quantity to 10,000 dollars.

LT1764EQ-1.8 Price

IR Asia-Pacific president has Haibang senior sales, said: "With PFC or brake is designed as an integrated bootstrap functionality, and LT1764EQ-1.8 Price and ground fault protection, our latest high-voltage IC is ideal for space-constrained three-phase inverter applications. As a member of our latest generation of HVIC, this precision IC provides several protection features including our negative voltage immunity circuitry, to withstand high-current switching and Maximum short-circuit condition occurs negative voltage transients ."

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