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Ic LT1766IFE

Has been banned, despite recent INTEL P55 motherboard sneak, but the dealers all over continue to ignore, as long as the Distribution of the to Nachulaimai! The recent "suffer" is Biostar. Biostar TPOWERI55 market in Guangzhou is now on sale, priced at 1,799 yuan listed high !

LT1766IFE Suppliers

In addition to watching films, the music is also a good way to loneliness. Chi is used by the U.S. WOLFSON P7 audio decoder chip, support for FLAC, APE lossless audio formats and LT1766IFE Suppliers and dual MP3, WAV, WMA and other music files. The machine can choose a variety of music player mode, and can automatically synchronize LRC lyrics display on the screen above.

LT1766IFE Price

Sunflowers radial cooling fins to the bottom of the inlay of copper, with yellow and LT1766IFE Price and fashion fan ... ... it all makes deja vu (Winner family style). However, in Kyushu Winner820 body, but with the advantage of consumers most concerned about - low price modest. The price of 60 yuan, three-year warranty commitments, cost-effective and thus highlighted. The design from the clip, Winner820 DIYer more suitable for use, a change in the traditional style of twisted card LGA775 cooler, and tighten the screw using the approach. With a motherboard that can prevent deformation, but also can play a fixed role in the X-shaped metal pallet, Aeolus Winner820, repacking even more convenient with ease.

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