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Ic LT1782CS5

now mainly used for power control and IC LT1782CS5 and over-current detection of low-value resistors, along with equipment and miniaturization and high performance are required to further miniaturization and low resistance of. The development of ultra low resistance chip resistors "PMR10", "PMR18" series as manufactured using ROHMs original method, so the rated power than the older chip resistors have substantially improved. In addition, because the main power resistors feature an excellent special alloy materials, which won the ultra-low resistance (2 ~ 10mΩ), and the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) to ± 150ppm / ℃. It is most suitable for continued miniaturization of portable devices such as laptop computers power control, and the HDD and other requirements of small, space-saving current detection circuit and over current protection circuit.

LT1782CS5 Suppliers

Of course, AUO will not be willing to cede the market. In recent months, the Friends of active layout Mainland China, and LT1782CS5 Suppliers and LCD TV giant Changhong, Haier and other frequent contacts, trying to open up the mainland market, if they have the orders enough, you can also to some extent, the current ferocity of the Hon Hai Group to contain movements .

LT1782CS5 Price

Appearance, Motorola MPx a dual-hinge design, body size is 99.7 × 61.2 × 24mm, weight 204 grams. Large and LT1782CS5 Price and heavy body design is very "manly." 65,536-color STN color screen resolution of 96 × 64 pixels, the standby message displays, and through the shortcut buttons below the external screen operation. Visual area of the main screen of 2.8 inches, the QVGA resolution of class. Body comes with a 120 million pixel footage to support 1280 × 960 resolution picture recording. Motorola MPX of putting the audio PPC also significantly higher than the traditional product, "mosquito noise", and supports MP3 and other formats to set personalized ring tones.

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