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Ic LT1963AEQ

PageNext>New one-button capacitive touch controller family is based on Atmels patented QTouch capacitive touch technology (for the button, Jog Dial and IC LT1963AEQ and sliders) and developed to provide shorter response time and other than the current products on the market more quickly "wake up" mobile touch devices. When detected, the touch of a button, these devices will be temporarily switched to 12.6ms fast response mode for rapid detection of subsequent touch operation.

LT1963AEQ Suppliers

PageNext>Micro-controller and LT1963AEQ Suppliers and touch the leader in solutions for Atmel (Atmel Corporation) announced the launch of a new market for portable devices, one-button touch controller products. New products enable the next generation of portable touch devices (including the power button, audio equipment, toys and adjacent sensors) and less power consumption down to 17 μA, which features an embedded low-power portable devices can extend the battery life of these .

LT1963AEQ Price

axim launch of dual-channel buck converter MAX8896, designed for the WCDMA / NCDMA PA (power amplifier) modules and LT1963AEQ Price and RF transceivers. This device integrates all the way 4mm2 efficient, PA step-down converter for medium-or low-power transmission and optimization, in addition also includes a bypass FET, the power transmission can be directly powered by the battery for the PA. Through the battery and RF transceiver / PA between the use of MAX8896, may be typical operating conditions up to 50% lower current consumption, thus extending battery life. MAX8896 also includes all the way RF buck converter for high PSRR, low noise LDO (low dropout linear regulator) power supply, RF transceiver is used to provide efficient power supply.

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