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Ic LT2078AIS8

Industry is inseparable from self-developed intellectual property core technology for the protection of the role of standards is particularly important. Early stage of development in the industry to develop industry standards conducive to the healthy development of the whole industry. OLED industry from a global perspective, Chinas participation in international standardization OLED initial phase, and IC LT2078AIS8 and is responsible for industry standards is critical, not only conducive to Chinas OLED products in the development stage with the international standards, change the display industry in China In the passive situation of standardization, but also conducive to China to adopt a proactive strategy of technical standards, development of standard terms in line with Chinas national conditions, to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinas OLED, capture the market opportunities.

LT2078AIS8 Suppliers

Andes Technology R & D vice presidents chief technology officer, said Dr. Su Hongmeng, multimedia era under the premise of improving quality in the computation will no doubt will increase, taking into account when To design a multi-purpose Microprocessor may complexity and LT2078AIS8 Suppliers and its ability to meet performance expectations, and many practical examples of later, you want to use a single multi-purpose processor to perform the various aspects of a system operator does not amount to a certain appropriate way, so the concept is that you can use with another individual, small size, low cost, solely on the different operations (such as sound, video, control I / O, etc.) of the chip to form a multimedia system. Andes Technology N1233 is the high-end microprocessor applications, on the one hand enhance basic instruction set, while adding high-end application support. For those who need to speed up the operation is closely integrated software applications and the option of memory protection unit (MPU), an efficient implementation of real-time operating system (RTOS), and with support for multi-core application software management framework, N1233-S collaborative multi-core device interface to provide an efficient and flexible features to give customers the performance needed, crystal heart to design such interfaces using the upcoming multi-core processor, floating point, when the single-core processors can not meet performance on demand, N1233-S at low cost to meet the requirements of multi-core. the class in some equipment manufacturers are still 4-5 , so the merger will increase. Of course, like lithography, leaving only two, but CVD, PVD, Etch continued to show too much.

LT2078AIS8 Price

, before the market a number of companies are struggling to implement their own smart phone platforms, including TI (Texas Instruments), Motorola (Motorola), Intel (Intel), Qualcomm (Qualcomm) and LT2078AIS8 Price and so on. Several vendors that TI and Motorola is definitely the old factory, and Intel is the period of the new army, its growth rate is very fast, especially in recent years, processor chips, mobile phones more and more time efficient , Intel processors, this old manufacturer has a superior in this capacity.

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