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Ic LT30393CS8

First, the color saturation than conventional TFTLCD nearly twice, so it can show the true color of real scenery, but more colorful image pleasing display. For some difficult to deal with ordinary camera shooting light and IC LT30393CS8 and dark effects, LTPSLCD can easily restore not only to get bright, gorgeous picture, and details of the part of the deal realistic, natural, without any trace of polish. Equipped with large screen LTPSLCD the BenQ digital camera, with excellent image quality, anytime, anywhere "color hunting" life bit by bit. Second, the brightness of the more traditional TFTLCD nearly twice as much. Compared with the film camera, digital camera is a big advantage at any time through the LCD display you can view video images, very convenient. However, limited to their own traditional LCD display technology bottlenecks, the viewing angle and bright light performance, can only be described as unsatisfactory. The new generation LTPSLCD in the case without increasing power consumption, brightness, twice the conventional LCD, even in bright light the screen the user is also able to see clearly, to facilitate shooting and playback. Since then, whatever the lighting conditions, you can enjoy the display to be versatile, arbitrary capture all the wonderful moments around the body.

LT30393CS8 Suppliers

California, Carlsbad, August 10, 2010 - the world's leading high-end gaming peripherals manufacturer fashion-Razer (Razer) in RazerOrca today released a new killer whale game music headphones. The headset not only has a comfortable ergonomic design and LT30393CS8 Suppliers and excellent sound quality, and Razer unique, eye-catching to let Orca killer whale green tide to not work.

LT30393CS8 Price

due to technical control, the key process equipment prices become more expensive and LT30393CS8 Price and a huge domestic market opportunities, China needs to develop its own equipment industry, to improve the local semiconductor industry chain. Jay Chen pointed out that the local device requires an open mind to accept the foreign advanced equipment manufacturers, not the narrow localization, localization does not equal 100% of Chinas manufacturing and technology development, that is a good innovation, but for advanced technology absorb and learn are also important. He believes that local manufacturers leading the company through a joint venture with foreign channels, access to technology and brand to quickly enhance their competitiveness, to ensure early access equipment industry can achieve some success, and critical components will be good starting point; or when the trough in the industry, the acquisition of some of the technical Know-how and foreign companies own IP, go to China, which leapt high technology; or take a single platform multi-purpose mini-line, such as road to avoid competition with other brands. Meanwhile, he pointed out that "18 documents" has made the introduction of IC and FPD industry profit, the Government needs to develop more stable and consistent policies to support local industry, IP protection will also be a focus. Jay Chen believes that "the concept of globalization leading to absorb and learn the semiconductor successful regional and national experience and technology to attract more industry leader in the world is rooted in the Chinese semiconductor industry, manufacturing and R & D capabilities to make the transfer to China, strengthen technical interaction and cooperation, localization and globalization should be a good mix of ."

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