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According to Japanese media about the Japanese government in January last year to achieve the proposed number of traffic fatalities in 2012 dropped to 5,000 the following goals, hopes to use inter-vehicle communication technology reduce the incidence of rear-end accident.

LT5504EMS8 Suppliers

MAX9132/MAX9134/MAX9135 Each port supports data rates up to 840Mbps. MAX9132 has three input ports and LT5504EMS8 Suppliers and two output ports, MAX9134 has three input ports and four output ports, MAX9135 has four input ports and three output ports. All ports are with ± 25kV ISO air discharge mode ESD protection, ± 15kV IEC ESD protection, and Air-Gap Discharge ± 10kV contact discharge mode ESD protection. MAX9132/MAX9134/MAX9135 each input can be connected to any one output, or to display all outputs in all video images. The switching can be pin-compatible serial interface settings or LIN/I2C can be easily integrated into the vehicle bus structure. Output can also be set to high impedance state, to support multiple switches in parallel. MAX9132/MAX9134/MAX9135 provide a scalable solution that can easily be cascaded to support more I / O port needs.

LT5504EMS8 Price

Function, the Samsung i900 with WindowsMobile6.1 Professional Edition operating system, scalability is very good; and LT5504EMS8 Price and the MarvellPXA312 with 624MHz CPU, with 128MBRAM and 256MBROM memory space, runs very fast; built a 500 million pixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash and support for audio video capture; built-in player supports MP3, AAC, ACC and other audio file format playback, also supports WMV, MPEG4, H.263, H H.264 and other video format player. Whether sound or video effects are particularly outstanding.

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