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Ic LT6233CS6

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LT6233CS6 Suppliers

Order to get high-power LED increase the size of France. Flip Chip silicon substrate. umileds in 2001 the United States developed a power-type flip-chip AlGaInN (FCLED) structure, the manufacturing process is: first in the top of the P-type epitaxial GaN film deposited on the NiAu thicker than 500A layer for ohmic contact and LT6233CS6 Suppliers and back reflector; and then etching away selected by mask P-type layer and multi-quantum well active layer, exposing the N-type layer; by deposition, etching to form N-type ohmic contact layer, the chip size 1mm × 1mm, P-type ohmic contact is square, N-type ohmic contact to comb into one, this would reduce the current spreading distance, the spreading resistance Ceramic floor flip method. sapphire transition method. AlGaInN silicon carbide (SiC) on the back of the optical method.

LT6233CS6 Price

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