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Ic LTC1050CN8

Linear (Linear Technology Corporation) launched 48V, buck mode DC / DC Converter LT3590, the device used as a constant current LED driver. Internal 55V, 80mA switch and IC LTC1050CN8 and Schottky diode to 48V input with the LT3590 can drive up to 50mA 10 series into a string of LED. Very suitable for industrial and LED sign applications. Connected in series to achieve the same LED and the LED current up to 50mA, resulting in uniform brightness and eliminates the need for ballast resistors. Dimming CTRL pin through regulation, can achieve up to 200:1 dimming ratio. The 850kHz switching frequency allows the use of tiny inductors and ceramic capacitors while achieving up to 91% efficiency. By 2mm × 2mm DFN LT3590 or SC-70 package, for high-current LED drive a very compact solution.

LTC1050CN8 Suppliers

Ruijie The launch of the RG-WALL 2000 Gigabit wire-speed hardware firewall products in terms of performance and LTC1050CN8 Suppliers and outstanding features: super protection - provides a rich HA function; superior performance - throughput of up to 5G; Super forwarding - Support for full-length wire-speed packet forwarding; super route - the hardware routing table, support multi-gateway routing; super flow control - hardware Bandwidth management.

LTC1050CN8 Price

Linear Technology Corporation (LinearTechnologyCorporation) introduction of high input voltage synchronous buck switching regulator controller LTC3810, the device can be directly reduced the voltage from 100V to 93% VIN 0.8V output voltage. The single inductor design eliminates the need transformers. The device utilizes a constant on-time valley current mode control architecture to achieve very low duty cycle and LTC1050CN8 Price and fast transient response, without a sense resistor, which provides accurate cycle-by-cycle current limit. LTC3810 chip firm 1Ω gate drivers minimize the high frequency and high voltage driver MOSFET switching transients generated losses. In order to optimize the size of inductors and capacitors, the switching frequency of 100kHz to 1MHz in the range selection, or can be synchronized to the same range of external frequency source. DC / DC controller "> LTC3810 can be configured for pulse skipping operation at light loads to maintain high efficiency. The 0.8V reference at -40 ℃ to +85 ℃ operating temperature range with ± 0.75% accuracy. Adjustable soft-start eliminates the turn on overshoot, can ensure safe start, and the device has a tracking function to the power to control the output voltage. Applications include power supplies in telecom and base station 48V power conversion, network equipment and the need to withstand high surge voltage automotive, industrial and aerospace systems. LTC3810 28-lead SSOP package. 1,000-piece quantities starts at $ 3.50 per piece. Performance Summary LTC3810 input voltage with a 100V current-mode control large 1Ω gate drivers without current sensing resistor excellent transient response and DC voltage regulator 100kHz to 1MHz selectable fixed frequency or synchronized at -40 ℃ to +85 ℃ operating temperature baseline accuracy within ± 0.75% optional pulse-skipping mode to achieve in light load efficiency

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