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Yesterday, the BOE also disclosed, have been to Beijing, Hefei, Chengdu, the relevant departments for a total of 630 million yuan of research subsidies and IC LTC1164ACSW and interest subsidies. As of yesterday, signed an agreement with the relevant departments of the amount of 3.1 billion, the actual receipt of funds of 1.7 billion. If the December 31 preceding payment received and confirmed profits for the year, will significantly reduce the loss for the year.

LTC1164ACSW Suppliers

As a breakthrough precision, the East Taiwan Seiki production of printed circuit board (PCB) drilling machines, in order to price performance ratio advantage, the gradual substitution effect on the Japanese manufacturers have, in the first 10 monthly shipments reached 315 units, year shipments are expected to successfully reach 350 goals, expected next year is expected to further increase to 450 units, annual growth rate of nearly 3 percent. Eastern Taiwan is currently the main product lines include machine tools. PCB drilling machine, respectively, the proportion of total revenue 60% .35%, while the newly developed TFT-LCD equipment, small shipments, which, PCB drilling machine shipments last year, about 220 units, is the worlds top 3 suppliers, but more than 3 percent of market share compared with Japanese Hitachi, future development is great. Dongtai New this year, made of gold, like electricity and LTC1164ACSW Suppliers and Yan Hing PCB drilling machine orders, the company expected within the next 6 years will enter a cycle of replacement of PCB equipment, and higher gross margin of 20 million transfer to the mainstream species, together with Taiwan and South Korean companies to actively seek the order, legal shipments forecast to increase next year to 450 units, compared with growth of nearly 3 percent this year, gross profit margin to maintain 25-30% level.

LTC1164ACSW Price

As a high-definition models, Sharp S555 stronger in the video decoding capabilities, pass to kill almost all of the current visibility of the 720P video format (RM/RMVB/AVI/MP4/FLV/DAT/MPG/VOB/TS, etc.) completely eliminating the need for cumbersome video format conversion, either in full view of the appreciation of high quality LCD screen, while component-video output through the color-screen television family share high Tsing Hua University, and LTC1164ACSW Price and truly moved to the living room to enjoy high-definition theater effect. It is worth mentioning is the perfect support for Sharp S555 also includes H.264 encoded MKV video format play; many well known, in the case of the same resolution, H.264-encoded video file picture clarity is much higher than RMVB , AVI and other documents, is a recognized HD represents the future trend of the "right man" to support H.264 encoding, it means that HD sources for the future is guaranteed.

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